Fine Art Flutes

Creation Dragon

  • Flute is made from Holly Wood.
  • Trim material Nigerian Ebony and Turquoise.
  • Hand painted by Jeremy Johns
  • Wow! Jeremy Johns... What an incredible artist. I am so honored that he is working with us to create a few extraordinary instruments. Jeremy asked me to make a special flute for him to create on. He wanted to create imagery that told a beautiful story... the story of Creation. Jeremy used an interpretation of Northwest Art to tell the story. On the flute you will find Dragon, a symbol of Creator. Dragon emits the spark of creation... the star... fetus... infant... middle aged adult... grandparent... Elder... and finally the door to the next experience... where Dragon waits patiently. Each finger hole of the flute is used as a mouth of the creation cycle voicing the beauty of each stage of life. You may also notice that if you remove Dragon from the flute it will not sing. This flute sounds rich and warm. A beautiful player that will fill you with reflective peace. As with all wonderful pieces of art, the price will likely increase as fewer and fewer become available. Flutes 1 through 10 are sold. Flutes 11 through 15 are now available. Call Brent at (801) 822-1415 to verify your flute number. If you have not talked with me first, I cannot guaranty the number of your flute. Each flute will be made in order and will be sold in the order in which flutes are purchased.