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Mother Earth

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  • Flute #10 of 10 is currently available in your choice of pitch.
  • Flute Material: Pacific Yew Wood
  • Trim materials: Ironwood, Solid Asurite and Malachite mix, Solid Sodalite, Solid Malachite, Solid and curshed Abalone.
  • Acoustics: This hard flexible wood has been used by indiginous people to make hunting bows. The same preperties that make it excellent for bows make it excellent for flutes. Beautifully clear and resonant with a full rich tonal structure. A smooth, haunting and inviting sound.
  • Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for the creation of your flute.

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      High D, C#, or C    $1,765 Sold Out 
      Mid B, A#, or A    $1,812 Sold Out 
      Mid F#, G, or G#    $1,859 Sold Out 
      Low F, E, or Eb   $1,918 Sold Out 
      Low D, C#, or C   $1,989 Sold Out 

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