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Anticipation - A Quiet Winters Day

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  • Flute Material: Holly Wood
  • Trim materials: Ebony, Turquoise, Pernambuco, and Aspen Log
  • Acoustics: Wonderful Projection with a full rich voice .
  • Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for the creation of your flute.
  • Anticipation - A Quiet Winters Day

    A litter of Fox kits sleeps with Mother in the warmth of a hollowed out log. White and blue with a touch of yellow and green are the colors of the Out-Of-Log.

    Kit stares into the Out-Of-Log remembering Mother catching mice. How clever Mother is to quietly approach the blank snow. How amazing Mother's ears, to hear the mouse under all the white. How high she leaps and with a quick turn and paws tucked to nose dives through crust of the snows. Up she comes with a fat little mouse. As Mother rests and Others eat, Kit stares into the Great Out-Of-Log

    With eager anticipation, Kit thinks of the mice to be hunted. Of the fun to be had running and tumbling with Others. The Warmth of Summer to come and the Joy of running through thickets. Of Life in their own mountain meadow.

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    * Bass flutes are much more comfortable to play when they are made with a side blow. The side blow eliminates the bend in the wrist and allows the player to hold the flute in a way that is very comfortable. When ordering your Bass flute, please consider a side blow. The Easy Clean Side blow is an additional $200.