Walnut Essentials

Pitch Price Buy Now
High F, Eb, or E $220
High D, C#, or C  $230
Mid A, Bb, or B  $240
Mid G#, G, or F#  $250
Low F, E, or Eb  $280
Low D, C#, or C  $350
Bass B, Bb, or A  $570

When I started making flutes in 2002, my mission was to create one of the most expressive, unique and reliable flutes that were, frankly, stunning in appearance. While I still love to create flutes from some of the most exotic woods on the planet, I have come to realize that these flutes can be expensive and they may not appeal to every flute player out there. 

In reflecting upon my own journey with the Native American flute, I was humbly reminded of the simplicity of this amazing instrument. I envisioned a flute with the same high-quality sound that so many have come to expect from Woodsounds, but with a more modest appearance at an affordable price point. 

I sought to return to the essentials. 

Introducing the Essentials Flute Line––a new offering by Woodsounds Flutes. 

What does a Woodsounds Essentials Flute offer you? 

  • This is our most affordable flute line, so you can experience the joy of playing a Woodsounds flute starting at just $220.

  • A high-quality voice, so even though you’re investing a lower amount, you’ll still have an incredibly expressive instrument.

  • The solid-body construction means your flute is more durable than one that is split in half and glued back together, or a flute that is bored with a plug separating the slow air chamber and the sound chamber. This gives you a stronger, more resilient flute for years to come! 

  • Essentials flutes–and all Woodsounds flutes–are concert tuned at a constant 10 mbars of air pressure meaning each and every flute will be consistently tuned to the same high standards. 

  • The wax finish on our Essential Flutes is a new feel for a Woodsounds flute but offers the benefit of easily touching up those “love dings” that happen to your flutes.

  • The Essential Flutes come in 18 different pitches ranging from the bright, cheery high F to the haunting, mellow bass A; giving you an opportunity to experience an extensive range of sounds.