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See the tablature for Amazing Grace and Zuni Sunrise below

Explanation of Native American Flute Tablature:

Nakai Tablature has become the standard method for writing music for the Native American flute. This system was first written about in Art of the Native American Flute, by R. Carlos Nakai and James DeMars, Canyon Record Productions, 1996.

nakai tabulature for native american flute

This system uses notes on a musical staff to represent finger positions on a flute. By doing this, other musical information such as rhythm and dynamics can be represented. The chart below is a depiction of every note that is possible to play on the Native American flute.

Every flute is different and it should be noted that there some notes particularly the highest ones, can be played in different ways.

In the following section we will discuss various scales that can be made from combinations of these notes.

Below are some sample songs.

Zuni Sunrise

Zuni Sunrise for native american flute

Amazing Grace

amazing grace for native american flute

Blue Christmas
Written by Billy Hayes and Jay W. Johnson
Arrange for Native Flute by Brent Haines

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