First Flute

Pitch Price Sound File
High C $640 Plain
Mid A $670 Plain
Mid G $700 Plain

  • Flute Wood: Eastern Red Cedar
  • Mouth Piece: Available in Dark (standard) or Light wood mouth piece, totem - No End Cap. Please indicate your preference when ordering. Default is Dark.
  • Expected Delivery: To learn about the time frame to construct your flute please visit this page.
  • To help you have a wonderful experience with Woodsounds and your first flute, we have put together a special flute package for our first time Client Friends. This web page is the only place you can get this special offer.

    The first time buyers flute package includes a G, Mid A, or High C Aromatic Cedar flute with Dark Wood trim, a embroidered soft flute case, and the instruction DVD and booklet Journey With the Native American Flute. This flute has a rich enchanting tone and is easy for most people to play. The instructional DVD makes learning the flute easy.

    On the DVD I teach you how to play five songs and in the process of learning these five songs you will learn all you need to know to play music from the heart or to even begin to play hymns or jazz or the blues or Christmas music. Additionally, you will learn to about putting your flute together and how to care for your instrument. There simply is not a better instructional available today for the Native Flute.

    Around 80% of new players begin with a G flute. The larger the flute the lower the tone. The G is a middle range flute and so is neither too large or too small. It tends to fit most peoples hands very well. However, If you are a person with small hands or very arthritic hands, a Mid A flute or a High C flute may be a better choice.

    You too can play the flute!

    It is so exciting to see a person play a Woodsounds flute when they never thought to be able to learn to play any instrument. In the video below you will witness someone who had never picked up a flute in her life learn how to play the basic scale. From her own mouth she said she was completely incapable of playing a instrument. However, in only five minutes, she was able to play the flute!


    Aromatic Cedar flutes are our most cost effective flutes. Additionally, this Cedar is a traditional wood for flutes and has an excellent sound and look. Robert Mirabal, Taos Pueblo Native, likes his Aromatic Cedar flute so much that he used it in the photo for his Pueblo Christmas album and has used it on many recordings. The picture is below:

    Robert Mirabal playing Woodsoudns Native American Flute

    'No matter where I am in the world I am playing, I can always count on my Woodsounds flutes. When I am on stage, I need to know that my flutes will perform consistently in tone and pitch. My Woodsounds flutes give me the confidence needed to play to thousands of people every year.'

    Robert Mirabal - Multiple Award Winner including the 2008 Grammy Award Winner

    We are confident that you will be very pleased with your first flute. If for any reason you don't care for the flute, simply return it within seven days in its original condition and packaging, and you will be refunded the price of the flute.

    This is a pretty easy guarantee for us to make. Rarely does a flute come back. In fact this is the typical response we get from our Client Friends:

    "Hi Brent, I received my flute yesterday, I was so excited when I took it out of the package it took me 15 minutes to stop saying Wow!, it is an incredible piece of art and sounds great. Thank you for taking the time to make something very special, I will have many years of pleasure from this wonderful instrument. I am sure I will be in touch with you again.

    Gordon Paterson

    When you receive your flute you will also receive a DVD that has all the information you need to get started. If you are excited to start playing, please click on the Buy Now button to get your flute on its way.

    Bob Surette playing Woodsounds Native American Flute

    "I love my G flute and always take it with me to my favorite getaway, Step Falls, in Maine. The flute is a work of art and the wood is beautiful. After looking at many flutes by various makers, Brent's instruments resonated with me right away. They sound as good as they look, project well, clear and are fun to play. Thank you Brent."

    Bob Surette

      It is easy to get confused when considering what flute to purchase when it is your first time. There are many questions you may have. Below are some of the frequently asked questions of the new flute player:

    • Is there a guarantee?
      • We are so confident in our product meeting and exceeding your expectations, that we guarantee your satisfaction of your new flute completely. If you are unsatisfied with your new instrument, simply return the flute to Woodsounds with in 15 days and we will refund the purchase price of the flute immediately. Your flute is also guaranteed in workmanship for one year. Additional information is available on the "Players Resources" page.
    • What pitch should my first flute be?
      • Often used flute pitches are Mid G-4, Mid A-4, and High C-5. The Mid G-4 is the lowest pitch of the three. The A flute is a little higher than the G and the High C-5 is quite a bit higher than the G. Many people tend to prefer the lower pitched flutes. G is an excellent choice as it is easy to play for 80% of poeple. As the flute goes higher, the size of the flute gets smaller and the distance between the finger holes gets shorter. A Mid A-4 is great for someone who is concerened about being able to reach the finger holes and/or like a little higher flute. The High C-5 is excellent choice for someone who is really concerned about being able to cover the holes, has arthritis, and/or likes a higher pitched flute. We understand that this can be a difficult choice. First, please understand that if you order the flute and it does not work right for you, you can switch out to a different pitch. If you would like to talk with someone about a different pitch, please call (888) 803-3529 or email us through the use of our contact form.
    • What is tuning should I start with?
      • The most common tuning for the Native American style flute is a minor pentatonic scale. This scale is wonderful to play as through the Basic scale you can play notes in any combination and they sound great. The G flute on this page is a pentatonic minor tuned flute. With the Minor tuning flute it is also easy to play a chormatic scale. This leads a player to be able to play two Major scales and many other scales, though the finger can be tricky on some of these scales.
    • Why are there alternate tunings like the Medicine Man, Hitzaz and Myan?
      • There are many other tunings that a Native Flute can be tuned to. These different tunings make a play different notes for than the Minor tuning when the fingers are lifted. This can be a lot of fun and an excellent way to break through a creative block. Typically I recommend that person have several years experince with the Minor tuning before they take on am=n alternate tune flute.
    • What wood should my flute be made from?
      • We at Woodsounds love the beautiful varieties of grain and color available in wood. There are so many wonderful choices. You will likely want to experience some of this variety. For the first flute, we recommend Aromatic Cedar as it has a low cost of entry, produces a good sound, and is forgiving for the player. It is also a renewable wood source and produces flutes that are as beautiful to look at as they are to hear. You are welcome to choose any of our flutes instead of the Cedar flute and we can make you a custom First Flute Package. If you would like to talk with someone about a different woods, please call (888) 803-5889 or email through the use our contact form. How will I learn to play the flute? Each First Flute flute comes with a DVD instruction that contains information on putting your flute together, playing your flute, and the general care of the flute titled Journey with the Native American Flute. This is a comprehensive instructional that also contains five songs for playing on your flute.
    • Does the flute come with a flute bag?
      • All Woodsounds flutes comes with a soft embroidered flute bag. For optimum portection, we do recommend that you purchase or make a hard case to put the flute in while traveling. Oregon Flute Store is an excellent source of high quality hard flute cases. Good back country cases can be made from a PVC or ABS tube with one closed end and one end that has a srew cap. These DIY hard cases can be made water tight. I have used one while kyacking. The case was floating in water while boating. Yet was in perfect condition when camp was reached.
    • Is the flute difficult to care for?
      • Your Woodsounds flute is very low maintenance. The finish and construction are such that the only care needed is wiping the flute clean with a soft microfiber or cotton cloth and removing the excess water from the instrument. Additional information is available on the "Players Resources" page.
      • How will my flute ship?
      • Your flute will ship in the Woodsounds Double Walled Safe Shipping system. The flute will be in its flute bag and buble wraped into a heavy duty craft tube. This will then be bubble wrapped into a cardboard box. It has proven to be a great way to ship and can be used as a flute case later. Typically we ship through UPS ground. If you need a different shipping method, please call (888) 803-5889 or email use our contact form.
    We invite you to begin your journey with the Native American Style Flute today.

    Even people with small or arthritic hands can play the flute! The High C Aromatic Cedar flute is an excellent choice for you if your hands are on the small side or are arthritic. This flute is also a flute with a joyful pleasing sound. The flute will look very much like the flute you have seen pictured in the advertisement above. Please click on the Buy Now button below to purchase this flute.