Testimonials From Clients and Artists

We at Woodsounds are pleased with the kind words we receive from our clients. Please feel free to peruse the comments from some of our clients below. As you will see, there is quite a mix of professional musicians and novice players.

We would love to hear your Woodsounds Flutes Stories!


Testimonial from Jan Michael Looking Wolf

Robert Mirabal
2008 Grammy winner

"When I am on stage and I pick up my Woodsounds flute I know it is going to perform the way I want it to."

Robert Mirabal Native American Flute
Robert Mirabal Logo Native American Flute


Jeff Ball

Hi Brent,

What can I say about Brent’s flutes other than I think they are addictive and cool. There is something unique about his voicing and their appearance stopped me in my tracks...literally. I didn’t want to buy another flute, I tried to walk away, it’s not like I don’t own enough flutes already, but there I was buying another flute...and loving it. I can’t look at them anymore because I always want to buy another. Somebody stop me before I buy the petroglyph flute...HELP!

Jeff Ball Logo Native American FluteJeff Ball Native American Flute


Bill Miller

I am very blessed to receive these Woodsounds flutes. These are the Masaerati of the flute world and are the most beautiful flutes I have ever played.

Bill Miller at INAFA 2008 convention playing double playing native american flute

Rona Yellowrobe
Rona Yellowrobe

I met Brent Haines' flutes before I actually met the "maker". Before I knew anyone loved the Native American flute as much as I did, I purchased my curly maple mid G flute from Brent's website, www.woodsounds.com. Being someone new to buying a flute, I didn't know much about what to look for or ask for in my flutes. All I know is that I wanted it to play me and make others feel good when I played, and it did. When my flute arrived, I was very excited and proud to play it for my family and circle of friends. It's a beautiful flute with a beautiful tone.

As my knowledge of the Native American flute expanded, and I began to play my flutes with other instruments, I found that my Woodsounds mid G flute easily met the standard to perform. We created our very first jazzy song, "Country Road" off our Voice of the Trees album with my Woodsounds G flute. Also I use my G flute on one of my favorite songs off "The Gathering" album, "Cello & Native American Flute".

My first year performing for the Yosemite Flute Festival, I was struggling with a flute during my performance. The next day Brent came and asked if he could help in making me a flute for that particular song that would take care of me. This is one of my favorite stories to tell because later, Brent informed me that a Fan, who later became a very dear and wonderful Friend of mine, George Borkowski, got with Brent and together gave me my red flute with Butterfly as the slider. I love that flute, and you can tell by the way I play it on "The Gathering" album, which by the way was nominated in the 2014 Native American Music Awards for Album of the Year. I use my High D in "You Can Close Your Eyes", Crystal Voyage, and "Glad to be with You". It's a happy flute that just sings, and when I play it, I feel so good that my energy just plays out to the people I play for, and we all go home happy.

Brent Haines is not only one of my flute makers, but he's a friend who has encouraged, mentored, and lifted me in the world of the flute. I always feel confident when I play his flutes on stage because they have always played to my intentions, and as a musical artist that means the world to me.


Jan Michael Lookingwolf

"It has been truly an honor to record and perform with flutes created by Brent Haines of Woodsounds Flutes. Over almost 2 decades, Brent has developed an amazing voicing and tone in their design. That, combined with putting his whole heart into each flute, makes for almost a magical experience to play them. My gratitude cannot be expressed enough. Much of my career and musical accomplishments are due to Woodsounds. Hayu-masi (many thanks in my Tribal language) Brent and Julia!" Jan Michael Looking Wolf 6 time Native American Music Award Winner, 29 time Native American Flute recording artist."

Jan Michael Lookingwolf Native American Flute


Suzanne Teng

"My Woodsounds flutes are some of the most beautiful looking and sounding instruments that I’ve ever played."

Suzanne Teng Native American Flute


Wade Fernandez

Review of Woodsounds Native American flute by Wade Fernandez

Besides performing internationally and teaching workshops on the Native American flute, I am also a professional guitarist and vocalist. I have been playing and recording guitar for quite sometime and I know the inspiring feeling of playing on a one-of-a-kind instrument that almost plays by itself. The native flute I am writing about is one of these unique and special instruments. My Woodsounds flute (G# minor) is made of apple wood and every note produces a flavor so tasteful in tone that even the tongue savors it with each inhalation. The timbre from the timber is very warm, round, open, and loud with a voice that easily projects like a well-trained singer. I recently played this flute during a live radio interview with no reverb or delay effect and because of it’s natural resonance, it filled the microphone and small studio room with its warm character so beautifully that it helped to bring listeners from far distances to my performance on the following night. This is a flute that was meant to be played, although beautiful to the eye, it is also quite sturdy enough to be taken on the road. I am highly curious as to what tones are awaiting to be released from within the different wood types that this master builder uses in his other flute creations. I will definitely utilize Woodsounds flutes on my next flute recording and know already that it will be quite an inspiring journey filled with voices as pure and beautiful as the one this flute contains.

Wade Fernandez / Wiciwen Apis-Mahwaew is an international multi-award winning performing/recording artist from the Menominee Indian Nation. He has won “Best Male Artist”, Best Contemporary Instrumental”, “Best Country”, “Best Music Video”, “Writer of the Year” and received nominations in Blues/Jazz, Pop, Rock, Native Flute, Classic Rock, Songwriting, and more from the Native American Music Awards, the ISMAs, Cherokee International Film Awards, Wordcraft Warriors and the ISF&V awards. Besides his in depth work with music, the arts, and education, Wade is the proud father of 5 beautiful children and husband of their beautiful Menominee mother.

Wade Fernandez Native American Flute Wade Fernandez Native American Flute

From the mountains to the stage...


I guess I’m coming into the world of Native American flutes from a different direction than some others- I’ve never played this type flute until recently. But I regularly play many other wind instruments. My professional training was on trumpet and other brass instruments. I’ve worked in synthesis and MIDI programming for over 20 years. My collection of brass, percussion, wooden flutes. recorders, Irish whistles (low and high) and odds-and-ends that make noise/music continues to grow, including a recently acquired grand piano. I also use wind controllers (Akai and Yamaha) regularly in my work. All that to say, when I first saw Brent’s flutes, I knew immediately I was seeing something very unique and special. Everyone of his instruments shines with a rich depth (his "special sauce") that shows off the exotic variety of woods he uses. Every flute is absolutely unique. When I show people my new flutes (a low E and high E), jaws practically drop. The beauty and care put into the craftsmanship in unlike any other instrument I own.

Oh yea- they make music to! There’s a rich sound full of beautiful tone that comes from these flutes. A much deeper, resonant sound than something like the low Irish whistle (a beautiful sound in its own right). With just a bit of air and well-controlled vibrato, they just sing, as simple as that. They play in-tune. They play uniformly well throughout their range. And I can see why, after talking with Brent about the time he’s taken studying the mathematics/acoustics of the Native American flute. The pentatonic minor scale is a haunting, mesmerizing scale that, anyway it’s played, already sounds like a song! But with some practice, Brent also showed two major scales and the full minor scale, along with the chromatic scale, that can come from these instruments-so there are many uses for these flutes. On my Low E, for example, E minor, E major, and G major scales are all just a few variations away from the pentatonic minor.

Brent’s flutes take a very special place in my room full of instruments- thanks, Brent, for the passion in your work!

- Kurt Heinecke

Kurt Heinecke is the Director of Music for Big Idea and it’s popular "VeggieTales" and "3-2-1 Penguins" video series, selling over 55 million dvds, videos, and cds . His roles include writing score, co-writing songs, arranging, production, and performance, and he has been awarded 6 Dove Awards (Gospel music’s "Grammy") for his work on these projects. Kurt’s background also includes music teaching, band directing, professional touring, and church-music directing.

Big Idea




I am a beginner in NA Flutes. It’s only been about 2 years. I bought 5 flutes before I found Brent at the Melbourne Native Rythyms Fesival. I bought an amazing Legendary Woods flute (with a bear totem in A Minor. I am still learning, but it is the most amazing, beautiful sounding flute! I went to a Festival in Brooksville (Peace Tree Trading). Arvel Bird and Sybil Hummingbird were performing. Sybil’s A Minor didn’t like the weather. I offered to let her use my Woodsounds flute and she raved about it and played several sets with it. She said it gave her goosebumps to play it and played many songs on it. I was so honored. He makes a HIGH QUALITY TOP NOTCH instrument that is both stunningly beautiful and with the most amazing sound (and smell I might add) of any flute I’ve ever seen! The rest of my collection will only be Woodsounds from here on out.




Happy new year, Brent! Hope all is well with you.

Just had to let you know that my Flute Circle and I had an absolute BLAST playing at the Endangered Animal Rescue Sanctuary. Sabastian, their Barbary Lion, and Odin, their Liger were especially interested in your flutes. They liked my new Em and my low Cm best.

Sabastian was really restless, as usual that time of the evening, pacing and crying to be let out from his enclosure to his run. I started playing the Em for him, and he walked over to get a closer look at me, started chuffing to me (a good thing, I’m told), and jumped up on his platform and got comfy. Still facing me, he put his head down on his paws and looked like he was dropping off to sleep. Every time I stopped playing, he opened his eyes, lifted his head, and sometimes, even vocalized, as if to say, "Well, don’t stop playing now!"

Odin, a thousand-pound sweetie, was completely transfixed, eyes following every move I made. So, I went to his enclosure and played the low Cm for him. He laid down at the near corner of the enclosure, about six feet from me, and watched until I wetted out the flute!

When we went back the next week, they recognized us, and both parked themselves where they could watch us play. Even "sang" along with us for a while. Too cool.




We received the new flute the other day and Mari and I are so pleased. It is just gorgeous looking and plays beautifully. Mari is so excited to get started learning and has already come up with the beginning phrase for a new song. Wonderful craftsmanship and beauty is defiantly your trademark. I’m sure we will be looking to expand our collection in the future. This will give years and years of enjoyment and soothing sounds. Perhaps we will bump into you guys again in the future, you never know. Here’s wishing you and yours the happiest holidays and a wonderful New Year.



Rick Cole:

Hi Brent.  The flute arrived this morning in excellent shape.  My first reaction upon seeing it was that it is gorgeous!  What a nice piece of work and it sounds just as sweet!  I am very pleased with the quality instrument and you are to be complimented on your workmanship.  It’s simply beautiful.  I want to thank you again for handling my order so efficiently and for the gorgeous flute.  I am very pleased and very happy to have "found" Woodsounds!  Thank you.



Dick Sill:

Brent & Julia,

After Native Rythms - with the motorhome already loaded - we drove south to Myakka State Park for some kayaking.

Very early this morning I walked through the palm and oak tree forest by moonlight to the Myakka canopy walkway with its 76-foot-high tower at one end.  I climbed the tower before daylight to the top way above the highest treetops. As the dawn was breaking I played some slow melodic low notes out over the forest and then broke into Zuni Sunrise just before the actual sun-up. Imagine how far the the elegant tones of my Woodsounds mid-G carried unobstructed in the morning air!  Thank you so much for building such a fine flute and for teaching me to play Zuni Sunrise.




I received the flute today. What a fantastic flute - holy cow! I did not realize how bad my old flute was until I received one of your flutes. Love the sound, everything about it. 

Excellent work...


Thank you, 


The flute arrived, got it out of the box, it is beautiful and sounds wonderful. Immediately played it, went outside to show off the burl in the wood, while there played it and here came a big bird circling my house, coming in lower and lower to see what that noise was!!!!! I’m not a bird person so don’t know what it was but I know it was bigger an the black ravens more the size of a hawk..... What fun.  The tone is great and moves from note to note so smoothly..... guess this is my early birthday gift to myself!!!!!!! LOL.....I’m so pleased with it and love the  black bear. Thanks again for another great Flute.  Have a great week



John Kase:


I love playing the Native Flute outdoors, next to rock walls and cliffs, and was taken back to when I first learned the fingerings to Amazing Grace in Chaco Canyon. There is nothing quite like meditative sound of the Native flute, and I now have to say Thank You for being a part of my journey with the instrument.

Best Regards again,



Hi Brent, was playing in central park today, about half a dozen people came up to me and told me how beautiful they thought the flute looked and sounded. Also, a native American was jogging by (big guy) and yelled out, "Apache!" Only in New York. Hope all is well and hope your selling tons of flutes.

- Mark

Mark in New York playing Native American Flute


I love my F# flute and always take it with me to my favorite getaway, Step Falls, in Maine. The flute is a work of art and the wood is beautiful. After looking at many flutes by various makers, Brent’s instruments resonated with me right away. They sound as good as they look, project well, clear and are fun to play. Thank you Brent.

- Bob Surette

bob by water fall playing native american flute


Happy New Year and thank you Brent... My little flute arrived and it is beautiful. I’ve been on it all day. I was just waiting for something to come to me that I might share a song from Victoria...so here it is, Ave Maria! It looks as beautiful as it sounds. I shall have hours of pleasure on this sweet thing. Thank you Brent. You are a huge talent and I am very lucky to have you in my world.


I have been playing Native American flutes for over 5 years and have professionally performed on the Native American flute and shakuhachi After purchasing my first Woodsounds flute by Brent Haines about one year ago, I am proud to add Brent to my list of trusted flute makers.

My Woodsounds’ flutes are precisely tuned even into the upper registers of the instrument. Brent’s selection of exotic woods not only provides aesthetic variety but unique resonant personalities within each flute created. Brent’s voicing provides a resonance and blend of overtones that is truly unique to Woodsounds’ flutes and different from any other flute I have played. I also perform with jinashi Shakuhachi and love the resonance that raw bamboo can create. I was taken back by the similar resonance qualities that also reside within my Woodsounds’ flutes.The amount of volume and projection that Brent’s flutes produce are satisfying especially in solo performance or when competing against other instruments. As I am recording my first album, I also find that Brent’s flutes are well suited for this setting. His instruments record a full sound absent of significant airiness or piercing highs. A unique echo effect is produced within the voicing that creates a woodsy and traditional "native" sound from the flute. Flute wet-out has also been less problematic with my Woodsounds’ flutes. This is an important consideration for any performer and recording artist. Perhaps just as important as the flute itself is the customer service that Brent provides. Brent is easily available to discuss details of custom flute construction and is timely in producing the finished product. I have found Brent to have a good heart and this is important to me when I play a maker’s flute. I highly recommend Woodsounds flutes for recording and performing. They will certainly provide a unique voice and aesthetic appeal to any core collection of flutes for the performer.

- Jeff Martindale, Ph.D. (Mental Health Clinician)


Brent, I just received the INAFA quarterly raffle flute you made from Amboyna burl (mouthpiece from ancient sea cow ribbed bone). Frankly I had forgotten about purchasing the raffle tickets last fall until I received your incredible instrument in the mail on Saturday. I am amazed by how beautifully it plays. The aroma of the wood is an added bonus. Just wanted you to know it’s in good hands and is filling our home with music. I’m not sure I do it justice but it’s sure inspiring to play. What a work of art. I feel like I’m the lucky recipient of the Rolls Royce of Native American flutes!

Best regards,
Darrell Hayden


Hello Brent,

I recently made an addition to my flute collection with two more flutes made by you, a Cocobolo with Ebony trim in Ab and low E in Macassar Ebony, also with black Ebony trim and totem.

I must say that, as before, the quality of your flutes is astounding, very solid workmanship, incredibly beautiful woodstock, the figuring wonderfully enhanced by the strong and glossy finish. The sound quality is great, very strong, clear and focused, yet with the complexity and woodyness that adds character and life to the sound. The woodyness was actually easier to hear in the test recordings I made than it was to hear while playing it myself. I particularly liked the Cocobolo one, as it had something undefinable about its sound that made it stand out. As my first two hardwood flutes, and one even being macassar ebony, which, from what I’ve heard, is one of the densest woods around - and I assume Cocobolo is not far behind either - the weight and solid feel of them was rather new to me after only playing cedar instruments before, but I quickly got used to it. I’ve got a few test recordings available for download on my Native American flute page at http://www.hakonsoreide.com/Music/native.html if you’d like to listen in at some of the stuff I am working on.

Best regards,


Hi Brent,

I am a beginner at playing the Native American flute. I recently purchased two of your flutes, a Masterpiece in F# and an Eastern Lights in low C, through the Oregon Flute Store. Wow! Mere words cannot begin to describe the experience. They are beautiful and awesome, in sight and sound.

There is a spot with the Eastern Light where if I position the bird just right, when I play the lowest note, it seems to echo and resonate within the flute. It’s very awesome and I just love it.

I am truly in awe of your workmanship. The seams between the mouthpiece, body and end cap are flawless.

I love the "rails" you have incorporated into the nest. I can be a klutz at times and the rails help to keep the bird properly positioned. The way the rails work and how you blend them into the flute body is breathtaking.

Thank you for using your talents and skills in making these flutes. These are masterpieces and I enjoy them greatly. Hopefully I will be contacting you soon to create another flute for me.

- David Hoffman


Woodsounds flutes are hand crafted from the most incredible woods. I love my Mopane E! Brent and his team have refined their process to create flutes that are fine, expressive instruments. These flutes enable the musician to realize the breath and voice from deep inside.

- Mike Wall



I LOVE IT! My new high-B flute looks absolutely fantastic (thanks for working with me on the choice of woods!), it sounds amazing, and I’ve been playing it almost continuously since I left your shop yesterday. It is a totally incredible flute. Your flutes really are life changing! You have an amazing talent and skill. I’m glad that you share that with the world, and I can’t thank you enough for sharing it with me!

- Rodney



I was delighted to get acquainted with you and your flutes at our festival. Your flutes have a unique and beautiful voice. I’ve never heard anything quite like them. Almost a reedy quality at times, like a mellowed out sax. I’m also very impressed with how crisply they can speak. One of my tests for a new flute is always to try and float it into the upper register. I like a flute that can get there in tune without having to put a lot of extra air through it. Your flutes do this brilliantly. The mouthpiece is unusual and extremely comfortable. Add to all of this the sheer beauty of the workmanship and I can happily recommend them to anyone who is interested in a slightly more modern looking flute that is very responsive and has a unique and beautiful voice.

I would also add that your duet book is one the best collections of non-traditional printed music for NA flute that I have seen and I will be recommending it often.

- Ron Warren