Woodsounds Classics

Cedar Classic

Pitch Price
High F, Eb, or E $610
High D, C#, or C $640
Mid A, Bb, or B $670
Mid G#, G, or F# $700
Low F, E, or Eb $730
Low D, C#, or C $760
Bass B, Bb, or A $960

  • Flute Wood: Eastern Red Cedar
  • Mouth Piece and totem: Darkwood
  • Acoustics: Warm round sound with good volume
  • Turquoise inlays may be used to fill natural voids in wood. Some flutes have no turquoise at all, while others may have a little.
  • Flute comes with a flute bag.
  • Expected Delivery: To learn about the time frame to construct your flute please visit this page.

  • *Woodsounds is attempting to be more green in the use of our wood. We now will use cut offs from other flutes for the trim of our Classics. This has created a great opportunity for our clients to have more options. The Cedar Classic is now available in Dark wood trim and Light wood trim. Dark woods can be any wood we have that is darker in color. Often we will be using Grenadillo, Walnut, Chechen and many other woods. Light woods will any lighter colored wood we have. Like Maple, fruit woods, Ash, and many others. Though we cannot promise you a specific wood, we can promise that your Cedar Classic will be gorgeous and unique in its combination of woods. Please indicate your preference when ordering.

    Eastern Red Cedar has long been a standard wood for the making of Native Flutes. It is a soft wood and is an easy material to work with for a flute maker. For this reason, early flute makers chose to employ its use. Today, it forgiving nature in terms of voice quality make it a polar material to work with. For the flute player, Eastern Red Cedar makes a beautiful rich warm soft acoustic. This is a flutes that you will enjoy playing with loved ones or from the stage.