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Dolphins of Tasmanian
(sold out)

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  • Tasmanian Blackwood Burl: From the South East coast of Australia.
  • Trim materials:
    Nigerian Ebony, Buckeye Burl, Solid Turquoise, and Abalone.
  • Acoustics:
    Super lively with a round bright sound. Incredible resonance. Awesome projection.
  • Please allow 8 to 10 weeks for the creation of your flute.
  • If you ould like a flute of a similar design, please reach out to brent@woodsounds.com.

    When purchasing your flute, Click the appropriate "Buy Now" link above. This will take you to the secure shopping cart. After you click the "Check Out" link there will be a Comments Box at the bottom of the page. Please indicate the pitch you desire in this Comments box.

    *Easy Clean Side Blow is recommended for all Bass flutes. This is an  additional cost of $330

    **Please contact Brent to discuss the availability of the wood needed to make a Contra Bass flute.