Woodsounds Classics

Fruitwood Classic

Pitch Price Buy Now
High F, Eb, or E $630
High D, C#, or C  $645
Mid A, Bb, or B  $660
Mid G#, G, or F#  $675
Low F, E, or Eb  $700
Low D, C#, or C  $725
Bass B, Bb, or A  $945
  • Flute Wood: Fruit Wood
  • Mouth Piece and totem: Darkwood
  • Acoustics: Full sound with good projection
  • Though we try to keep Classics in stock, current creation time may be up to 4 to 6 weeks
  • Created to be the perfect balance between art, performance, and budget. The Fruit Wood Classic has a beautiful sleek visual appeal that is enhanced by the gorgeous inlay of Turquoise. Made from fruit woods like Cherry, Apricot and Plum, these flutes have a gorgeous voice.

    The low profile Little Bird totem moves in and out of the flute bag easily and has a look that takes one's mind on journeys through the south west and beyond.