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  • Please contact Brent at (801) 822-1415 or brent@woodsounds.com for pricing.
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  • Flute Material: Figured Masur Birch
  • Trim materials: Tarawa Coconut, Ebony, Fence Post Osage Orange, Abalone, and true Citrine Gem Stones.
  • Acoustics: Full warm voice with excellent dynamics. A rich recording and performing instrument.
  • Please allow 8 to 10 weeks for the creation of your flute.

    Though the Remembrance flute is sold out, we can talk about creating a custom flute for you.

    When purchasing your flute, Click the appropriate "Add To Cart" link above. This will take you to the secure shopping cart. After you click the "Check Out" link there will be a Comments Box at the bottom of the page. Please indicate the pitch you desire in this Comments box.

    * Bass flutes are much more comfortable to play when they are made with a side blow. The side blow eliminates the bend in the wrist and allows the player to hold the flute in a way that is very comfortable. When ordering your Bass flute, please consider a side blow. The Easy Clean Side blow is an additional $200.

    The Story of Remembrance

    All Hallows Eve is traditionally a time when the dearly departed are remembered. A time of reflection on those who have gone before on who's lives we have built our own. In respect and reverence for all our Ancestors we offer this flute Remembrance.

    The beautiful luminous Masur Birch makes up the flute body with a color that brings to mind the green grasses of summer that have turned to straw. The felling of Masur Birch trees is tightly controlled as it grows in a small region of Finland.

    The mouth piece, end cap, and Owl totem at made from Tarawa Coconut. A neighbor of Brent's, Ron Davidson, entrusted a small portion of this wood to Brent with the story that this wood was planted on the Tarawa Atoll at the end of WWII by the allied forces. Ron served a mission for his church on this island and learned at that time that this Coconut was planted to reforest land of the Atoll that was cleared for the war effort. For the last 80 years or so it has provided sustenance and resources for the people of the Atoll. Today these trees are reaching the end of their useful life cycle and are being cut down and replaced. The old logs attract insects that cause problems on the island and Ron has been looking for ways to use this wood to bring resources back to the Tarawa Atoll. As we are reaching a time when the veterans of WWII are walking the final journey, we are filled with gratitude for their service and truly the service of all our military forces.

    The Fence Post Osage Orange comes from the ranch of good friends and clients, Wilda and Dan. Along with 4500 pounds of wood, they brought to me several old fence posts. Dan is of the opinion that these posts have been in the ground at least 50 years and more likely are pre 1900. This is old wood. Yet right below the surface is gorgeous material. The aged Osage is left bare and raw on the top of the totem and in the form of the log. A natural place for an owl to perch.

    Few animals have such a diverse mythology as the Owl. One tribe held that those passed who were good became Great Horned Owls, while those who passed wickedly were destined to become Barn Owls. One thing is certain, the Owl in general represents spiritual forces at work. Often the spirits of Ancestors who were believed to begin communication with the living through the call of the Owl. Few creatures could be more fitting for All Hallows Eve!