Flute Of The Month Club

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  • Please contact Brent at (801) 822-1415 or brent@woodsounds.com for pricing.
  • Flute Wood: Desert Ironwood
  • Totem: Desert Ironwood on Box Elder Burl and Ironwood.
  • Trim: Yellow Cedar Burl, Box Elder Burl and Abalone.
  • Acoustics: Phenominal. Full in the highs and mids. Amazingly strong in the lows as well. making it one of the most well rounded flute woods available.
  • Please allow 8 to 10 weeks for the creation of your flute.

  • Soaring is made from Desert Ironwood with Box Elder Burl, Yellow Cedar Burl, and Abalone as trim. The mouth piece of Box Elder Burl is followed by an Abalone Inlay ring. the Abalone represents air or space. The Yellow Cedar Burl inlay represents the Sun.

    Creating the flute Soaring has been a powerful experience for me personally. I have learned amazing facts about the Golden Eagle. Have watched numerous videos, many in slow motion. Studied the way the bird flies and the power strokes of its wings that allow it to gain altitudes of 10,000 to 15,000 feet above the ground. The way this Eagle will Soar through the air above storms, to rest or play, and most importantly to hunt and provide sustenance for itself and its family. 

    Certainly a blessing from Creator to be admired and looked to for inspiration. 

    This flute started when my Daughter Madison had a close encounter with a Golden Eagle.

    The other day my daughter Madison was waken by something tapping her window. She woke up, grabbed her phone and shot the video below. 

    Unfortunately we cannot locate the original size video. However, as I saw this Golden Eagle soared away, I was inspired to dedicate the next Flute Of The Month to Golden Eagle. Where we live, we do not see many Golden Eagles.


    It was not until I saw this video that I realized that the mature Golden Eagle has a gorgeous head of golden feathers.

    The Golden Eagle is the largest of the Eagles in North America. With wing spans that can exceed 6 feet this amazing creature has a Body weight of up to 14 pounds.