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Raven Song

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  • Raven Song is made from Nigerian Ebony, African Blackwood and Mother of Pearl.

    Raven is a powerful figure in cultures across the world. Native Americans have stories of Raven as Creator, a trickster, a bringer of light and warmth at personal sacrifice and more.

    One favorite story of Raven recounts how Raven, who originally had beautiful iridescent white feathers, stole a peace of the sun to bring fire to the People so they would be able to live when the world was cold and dark.

    Growing up in Utah, I spent a great deal of time in southern Utah, particularly Arches Nation Park and Canyon Lands Nation Park. I remember seeing the Ravens sitting on fences or flying as we traveled to the red rock country. As a young preteen and teenager, my siblings, friends and I would hike and climb in this incredible country. Many times getting into difficult and dangerous situations where a belt and the help of others was the difference between life and death. It was wonderful!

    All through these experiences the flora and fauna was captivating to me.

    I recall seeing Ravens flying as we would be hundreds of feet above the valley floor climbing a tower or scrabbling up a chimney of rock. The Ravens of this area are wizened looking creatures with the wild feathers gliding through the air currents and updrafts.

    When a Raven looks at you, it seems as if their eyes penetrate deep into your soul. Hours can be spent watching the Ravens fly.

    With Raven Song, we have attempted to captured the essence of the Ravens of Southern Utah.