Legendary Flutes

Unity (Sold)


Pitch Price Sound File
Mid G $8,550 Plain

  • Flute Wood: Honduran Rosewood Root Burl
  • Trim Materials: Yellow Cedar Burl, Turqoise, Ebony, Gold and Silver
  • Acoustics: Silky smooth, full, rich and round. Simply fantastic.

  • The union of heaven and earth of spirit and physical. Concepts that guided the creation of the Unity Flute. 

    The interlocking "U"s in the center of the Gold and Silver inlays at the mouth piece represent the Navajo Union symbol that can be seen on the canyon walls of Canyon De Chelly under the White House ruins. This is where I first encountered this symbol. A Navajo potter talked with me about the symbols in the canyon and mentioned that this symbol represents union and is used in marriages and other special times of union. 

    This Gold and Silver inlay guides the mind to consider the union of Heaven and Earth. 

    Near the end cap of the flute the Yellow Cedar Burl and Gold inlays represent the Son.

    As the bird flies towards the Son, the brilliant rays of light cleanse the bird of parasites and other microbes. 

    The Raptor carries with it our prayers to Creator. 

    This flute has been long in the making. It is the culmination of a personal creative goal and the flute is made from the rare wood Honduran Rosewood Root Burl. This is a wood I do not expect to see again in my lifetime. 

    The sound is exquisite. The Dynamics breath taking.