Flute Of The Month Club

Gratitude - Walking A Tightrope

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  • Gratitude - Walking A Tightrope is made from Brazilian Rosewood, Nigerian Ebony, Silver, Coral, and Turquoise.

    A dream has come true!!! I found enough Brazilian Rosewood to make a Flute Of The Month from!

    Before I tell you about the wood, lets talk about the name of this flute.

    Why Gratitude - Walking A Tight Rope as the name for the this Flute Of The Month?

    The other day I was working in the shop on the laser engraver. The beam was being was split into two beams and creating two lines when cutting. This causes all sorts of problems. So I was tasked to fix the machine. Even though I believed I knew how to resolve this particular problem, my efforts were inconsisetent and where causing an oppotunity for me to be frustrated. Of course I took the bait and allowed this problem to get under my skin.

    Regognizing this problem, I put on the sound track from The Greatest Showman movie (love it!). Laser still not working.

    On came the song Tightrope. Captured by the words and feelings of the song. Singing off key at the top of my lungs. Considering life choices and the various tightropes we walk.

    I am hit by a huge wave of gratitude as I recognize the sacrifices Julia, my wife, has willingly made to walk this path of the Native Flute with me.

    Eyes fill with tears. I continue to try to fix the laser. The song ends. I test the laser and it is working perfectly. Better than I have ever had it working before.

    Heart filled with gratitude. Heart filled with love for my wife and for Creator for the gift of this life. Something in me changed. State of mind? Help from the Universe or Creator? Whatever it was, the laser problem seemed to fix itself.

    The name came clearly to my mind, Gratitude - Walking A Tightrop 

    So how did we get this incredible wood to make flutes with?

    Back in November of 2018, I became friends with a man who lives in the US but grew up in Brazil. He has been importing reclaimed lumber from Brazil. The lumber he purchases comes from buildings that have been dismantled. People use materials near them to build buildings.

    My friend says many churches in Brazil are made from Rosewood. He has seen churches that are made from all Brazilian Rosewood.

    It is believed that the beams I purchased, came from a church built at least 100 years ago. Probably more. Though the ediface is nolonger in service, it brings me joy to think of this wood continuing to resonate with songs of praise and gratitude to loved ones and Creator.