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Shamanic Dreams

From North California up into southern British Columbia, the Madrone tree paints its brilant colors on the ocean views of the Pacific Northwest! The Madrone Tree is a unique tree to the Pacific Northwest and is a favorite of all who love photography or simply love contrasting colors in nature.

With Shamanic Dreams, you can choose from one of three totems; Orca, Thunderbird, and Bear. This flute lwas created with the Madrone tree as the featured wood. We have used Texas Ebony (a legum simliar to mesquite except a lot denser and harder) for the portion of the flute that creates the sound.

The flute has inlays of Coral, Copper, Turquoise and Ebony.


 Pitch   Flute with Orca Totem Only   Add To Cart 
High C, C#, or D  $1,960
  Mid A, A#, or B     $2,000
  Mid F#, G, or G#  $2,040
  Low Eb, E, or F   $2,130
  Low C, C#, or D    $2,280
  Bass A, A#/Bb, or B  *  $2,540
  Bass F#, G, or G#  *  $3,280
  Contra Bass D,Eb, E, or F *  $3,770

 Pitch   Price   Add To Cart 
  Thunderbird Totem  $195
  Bear Totem  $195
  Velvet Lined Flute Case/Stand  $550

When purchasing your flute, please click the appropriate " " button with the pitch range. This will take you to the secure shopping cart. Click back to add additional options like the Thunderbird and the Bear totems. After you click the "Check Out" link there will be a Comments Box at the bottom of the page. Please indicate the pitch you desire in this Comments box. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for the creation of your Shamanic Dreams Flute Set.