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Guardian - Matriarch Of The Sea

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  • In the San Juan Islands and through out the islands of southwestern British Columbia, Orca whales come in two variety.

    First is the Resident Whales. These whales live all their lives in the islands in which they were born. They eat primarily King Salmon. Dangers in the salmon population can mean danger to the whales.

    Second, is the Transient Whales. These whales travel along the pacific coast traveling through California up through BC and into Alaska. They will eat whatever they want. Often hunting seals, sea lion and other whales.

    Orca whales hunt in packs and will drive the food to eat other or give each other breaks when fatigue sets in.

    Most interesting to me is the fact that an Orca Pod is made up of a Matriarch. Though the daughters may depart, the sons will live with the Pod their entire lives. The sons will go off to other Pods when mating, but the rest of the time, they are mamma's boys. And aren't we all deep down.


    Guardian is made from Brown Mallee Burl, Ebony, Engineered Turquoise, Copper, and Abalone.

    When purchasing your flute, please click the appropriate " " button within the pitch range you are seeking. Please indicate the pitch you desire in the shopping cart comments box.

    Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for the creation of your Guardian - Matriarch Of The Sea Flute.