Flute Of The Month Club

Spirit Of Solstice

Pitch Price
High D, C#, or C $2,080
Mid A, Bb, or B $2,110
Mid G#, G, or F# $2,140
Low F, E, or Eb $2,190
Low D, C#, or C $2,240
Bass B, A#, or A   $2,580
Bass F#, G, or G#  $2,920
Contra Bass F, E, Eb, or D  $3,260

  • Flute Wood: Calro Walnut Burl
  • Trim Materials: Yellow Cedar Burl, Ebony, Silver and Copper
  • Acoustics: very responsive, full rich sound, vibrant
  • Flute comes with a flute bag.
  • Expected Delivery: To learn about the time frame to construct your flute please visit this page.