Woodsounds Classics

Performance Sunrise

Pitch Price
High F, Eb, or E $900
High D, C#, or C $930
Mid A, Bb, or B $960
Mid G#, G, or F# $990
Low F, E, or Eb $1,040
Low D, C#, or C $1,090
Bass B, Bb, or A $1,430

  • Flute Wood: Osage Orange
  • Mouth Piece: Dark wood, Box Elder Burl, CZ Citrine
  • Acoustics: Fabulous, excellent projection, rich warm overtones. Great performing and recording instrument.
  • The low profile totem gets in an out flute flute bag quickly.
  • Flute comes with a flute bag.
  • Expected Delivery: To learn about the time frame to construct your flute please visit this page.

  • Osage Orange, also know as Bois d'Arc (pronounced bowdark in the midwest), has long been prized for its incredible strength and resilience for making bows. Native American made bows from this wood because of these qualities. This is a premium acoustic wood. It certainly takes this flute to the Performance category.

    These same qualities produce an incredible sounding instrument.

    The wood is naturally bright yellow when a ew new felled tree is cut. It ages to a beautiful honey golden brown (over years). The design takes advantage of the bright yellow coloring to creating the bright rising of the sun.

    The design of the flute was inspired by the feeling experienced when in the presences of Wilda and Dan Wahrenbrock. Wilda and Dan are wonderful client/friends and have been extremely generous in providing me with some really gorgeous Osage Orange. The Osage Orange currently being used to create Sunrise came from their land in Texas. It carries with it the love the exude.

    This wood is tough. In 2005 I made a Osage Orange flute for my youngest daughter who was 3 at the time. This flute has been knocked around by kids,taken to school, and abused the way that only healthy children can provide. Today it is still gorgeous.