Flute Of The Month Club


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  • Our forest brother Squirrel is a great example of choosing to live in abundance. As a totem animal, Squirrel embodies the essence of Gathering, Putting Aside, and, perhaps most important, the essence of Enthusiastic Living.

    Through the coldest of months Squirrel will hibernate or stay in the den with other squirrels to conserve energy for the upcoming spring, summer and fall. As the days lengthen and the sun warms the northern hemisphere, Squirrel emerges.  

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    Slowly sticking its head out of the den. Looking around ready to spring back inside should anything threatening appear. Gradually Squirrel moves out onto the trunk of the tree it calls home. Then faster than fast Squirrel darts away to start the day.

    From the time it exits it den until it enters again, Squirrel is non-stop busy. Continually looking for resources and storing them for later. Most often storing food in shallow holes that it then covers with soil. Many of these hidden stores will never be found again. Instead the food left in these holes will act as a seed should Sprouting trees, scrubs, grasses and other plants. In this way, Squirrel continues to invest in the future. The future of the Forest as a whole.

    In this way Squirrel ensures food for today, food for tomorrow, and food for future generations.

    When purchasing your flute, please click the appropriate " " button within the pitch range you are seeking. Please indicate the pitch you desire in the shopping cart comments box.

    Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for the creation of your Guardian - Matriarch Of The Sea Flute.