eBook - Duets From Around The World For Native American Flute


  • Zuni Sunrise
  • Tanning Hides
  • Amazing Grace
  • Pachelbel Canon
  • Danny Boy
  • Now Oh Now I Needs Must Part
  • Breath Not His Name
  • Kumbaya
  • Vamudara
  • Japanese Lullaby
  • Tibetan Chant
  • Greensleeves
  • Fum Fum Fum
  • Angels We Have Heard on High
Designed to delight the senses and enchant the audience, this innovative publication is complete with Sound Files which contain each Duet and each Duet part. You can play the Sound Files as a practice tool or as a Duetting tool.

Experience the Native American Flute in new and imaginative ways with this eclectic collection of duets. Familiar melodies like Zuni Sunrise, Amazing Grace, and Pachelbel Canon as well as relatively unknown selections such as Vamudara and Japanese Lullaby, will energize and inspire flute musicians of all levels with music from around the world.

This exciting Collection of Duets is a collaboration of the unique and creative skills Brent Haines, established and renowned flute maker, and Wil Holm, singer, musician, and conductor.

   Sound Files 
 Duet  Full Duet   Practice Track 1   Practice Track 2 
 Zuni Sunrise  Track 1 Track 15 Track 16
 Tanning Hides  Track 2 Track 17 Track 18
 Amazing Grace  Track 3 Track 19 Track 20
 Pachelbel Cannon  Track 4 Track 21 Track 22
 Danny Boy  Track 5 Track 23 Track 24
 Now Oh Now I Needs Must Part  Track 6 Track 25 Track 26
 Breath Not His Name  Track 7 Track 27 Track 28
 Kumbaya  Track 8 Track 29 Track 30
 Vamudara  Track 9 Track 31 Track 32
 Japanese Lullaby  Track 10 Track 33 Track 34
 Tibetan Chant  Track 11 Track 35 Track 36
 Greensleeves  Track 12 Track 37 Track 38
 Fum Fum Fum  Track 13 Track 39 Track 40
 Angels We Have Heard On High  Track 14 Track 41 Track 42