Flute Of The Month Club

Solace - Midnight Music (sold out)

  • Please contact Brent at (801) 822-1415 or brent@woodsounds.com for pricing.
  • Solace is sold out. We can make a similar flute. Though some design aspects will need to be changed and the flute will not be numbered.

  • Flute Wood: African Blackwood
  • Trim Materials: Nigerian Ebony, Silver, Re-purposed Estate Ivory and Copper
  • Acoustics: Gorgeous rich sound, great projection and very expressive
  • Flute comes with a flute bag.
  • Expected Delivery: To learn about the time frame to construct your flute please visit this page.
  • As evening draws in close around and the campfire gently kisses the wood to heat, Coyote sings to the moon. All is quite. Just the creaking and crackling of fire consuming wood and the occasional night bird call are the only sounds. A distant howl answers the first and the music begins. After a time, you pull out your flute and join the chorus. Deep peace played softly to the soul.

    Made from African Blackwood with silver stars glittering the surface of the flute. The Crescent moon inlaid in Re-purposed Estate Ivory (or ivory substitute if you prefer)is chased in fine silver. Carved from exotic Balata Burl, Coyote howls from his mountain home to the moon.