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Medicine Wheel - Healing

  • Please contact Brent at (801) 822-1415 or brent@woodsounds.com for pricing.
  • Flute Wood: Nigerian Ebony
  • Trim Materials: White Buffalo Turquoise, White Veined Blackstone, Black Veined Yellow Stone, and Black Veined Red Stone
  • Acoustics: Powerful rich and fulll. Ebony is a lovely sounding wood.
  • Flute comes with a flute bag.
  • Expected Delivery: To learn about the time frame to construct your flute please visit this page.
  • An Elder gathered all the children of the forest together to tell them a story of the Medicine Wheel and to share a flute song.

    Every child came to the clearing, the Buffalo, Ant, Coyote, Wolf. The Snake and the Mouse. All creatures, predator and non-predator gathered for this special time and sat in a circle with Elder in the middle. Each came with peace in their hearts to share with one another this special story and music.

    “I am honored to be with you and that you give your time and attention to come and listen to this story and this music.” Elder spoke gratitude and respect. “Hard times come to the forest from time to time. It is the nature of the world. I come to remind you that there is no need to fear.  For this reason, we gather together today. We gather in the hope of a better future for all. We must remember, in times of despair, to look within and go back to the essence of life.”

    Elder continued, “We all gather here today in peace and harmony. Each of us has a special place in the circle of life. One that works in harmony with others. Each of us is a Child of Mother Earth. We are all different, yet we are one. Our differences are to be appreciated as each of us has a place within the circle.”

    Here Elder paused and looked with hopeful eyes around the vast circle of life. “Today I tell you of Medicine Wheel. Understand that there are many stories and teachings from the Medicine Wheel. Today I give you one. From it take what worth you find. Certainly your wisdom will be different from my own and that of every other creature in this circle.”

    Silence filled the glade as Elder spoke. Even Cricket kept her wings still to hear the wise words of Elder.

    Elder spoke on, “As we sit in this circle in this meadow, we create a living Medicine Wheel. No  part of the circle is more important than another. All of us are equal in the circle. The Medicine Wheel is a circle made of four different colors. Black, Yellow, Red, and White. These colors represent the colors of all people and also the four directions. East, South, West and North. Four colors are used as four is a sacred number. The circle represents the eternal nature of each of you. Life and death are one. We continue eternally. In the spring the grass begins to reach upwards. In the summer it grows thick and strong. In the fall seeds are released. In the winter it appears to die. In this, you can see the sacred nature of the number four.”

    Elder paused in the silence of the meadow.

    “The Medicine Wheel is naturally balanced,” Elder said. “When each of us lives in harmony with each other we live in balance. To be in balance as a whole, we must each find balance internally. To do this, we must balance the four essences of ourselves.  The east is the emotional self. The south is the spiritual self. The west is the physical self. The north is the intellectual self. Often as we move through this life we find one of these directions or essences will gain more presence than another. It through continued effort on each direction or self that we find true self coming into balance.”

    Elder again paused. “Buffalo”, Elder said. “how well do you survive when you are alone?”

    Buffalo looked nervously to each side. Looking at Wolf and at Coyote. “Well, when a buffalo is alone, it can be taken by a predator. A lone buffalo simply cannot defend itself from all who would seek us as food. When we join together and stand together we are strong and can face down any challenge.”

    “Yes, that is true,” said Elder. “There is a strength we have when we stand together rather than standing alone. We are all one. We all must stand together, though each of us have a different purpose and often these purposes seem at odds. When we stand together we are strong, even if we disagree on many things .”

    Elder picked up the flute and began playing – a warm, clear song, like Brother Wind walking through the trees. A song of unity, respect and love. As Elder breathed into the flute, it sang the melody of the story of the Medicine Wheel. With a gentle heart, Elder sang beauty and harmony that echoed from the trees and cliffs. To the East, South, West, and North. All that heard were entranced and grateful for this time of peace. All were graced with a hope for the future.