Flute Of The Month Club


Pitch Price
High D, C#, or C $2,730
Mid A, Bb, or B $2,790
Mid G#, G, or F# $2,850
Low F, E, or Eb $2,135
Low D, C#, or C $3,200

  • Flute Woods: Yellow Cedar Burl and Western Red Cedar Burl
  • Trim Materials: Copper, Silver and Engineered White Buffalo Turquoise
  • Acoustics: Rich full haunting sound
  • Flute comes with a flute bag.
  • Expected Delivery: To learn about the time frame to construct your flute please visit this page.
  • Celebrations are the first flutes Madison and Brent have designed and created together. The yellow wood is Yellow Cedar Burl and the red wood is Western Red Cedar Burl. The aromas of these woods are fabulous together. The flute also uses copper and engineered White Buffalo Turquoise. The totems are created with the new Tree of Life from the Woodsounds logo.

    The copper inlay in the nest area of the flute is optional for new flute orders. This inlay adds $300 to the price of the flute. Other options for new build orders include a choice of which wood is used for the head joint of the flute and which for the tube. The High D that you see in the videos and pictures has a head joint of Western Red Cedar Burl and a tube of Yellow Cedar Burl. The Low D is the opposite with the head joint of Yellow Cedar Burl and tube of Western Red Cedar. There is no price difference for this selection.

    We will be creating up to twenty of Celebrations. For flutes ordered through the end of the year, we are offering a 20% discount. If you would like a flute set made like this Low D High D set, there is an additional 5% discount making the total discount 25%.

    When you order a single Celebrations please use discount coupon code CELEBRATIONS-SINGLE

    When you order a single Celebrations please use discount coupon code CELEBRATIONS-SET-2